Diploma of Information Technology


Our Diploma of Information Technology has been designed for students taking the first step towards our professional IT Officer, and professionals building their current IT knowledge and skills.
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Day by day use of computers is growing rapidly in Pakistan. In every city, town, village, market, office, school, bank, shop, hospital, home etc., we can see increasing numbers of computers. As the number of computers are increasing, the need of computer operators is growing too. Employment as a computer operator is projected to grow rapidly because advancement in technology is causing an even bigger demand for duties performed by computer operators. Moreover, as computers are very common and everybody wants to learn more about computers the demand for computer skills and knowledge has increased in all sectors of economy.
This modular training program is based on the job required to be performed by a computer operator in nearly every sort of industries nowadays. The course is mostly focused on the General Computer Applications.

Workshops / Lab

Overall objective of the course

The overall objective of this program is to produce employable computer operators who can provide computer operating services in nearly any industry or organization, which involves computer in its operations. The graduates of this program will also be able to be entrepreneurs. However, this will require providing additional input on entrepreneurship development for the one who is willing to start his/her own business. (Not included in the curriculum).

The structure of this course

This curriculum comprises 8 modules. The recommended delivery time is 800 hours. Delivery of the course can therefore be full time, 5 days a week, for 6 months. Training providers are at liberty to develop other models of delivery, including part-time and evening delivery.

The full structure of the course is as follow:

Entry level:

Middle/Matric / Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
The candidate should have ideally completed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and must possess Basic English Language understanding. No gender/age barriers are applicable for this training course.

Medium of Instructions:

The medium of instructions for this course should be a combination of English, Urdu and local Languages.

Time frame of assessment

Duration of course:                              6 months
Total Training Hours:                           800 hours
Theory:                                                160 hours (20%)
Practical:                                              640 hours (80%)
Training day per week:                         5 Days

The Training providers are at liberty to develop other models of delivery, including part time and evening delivery etc.

Competencies gained after completion of the course

After completion of training the trainees will be able to:
1. Maintain Computer System
2. Prepare MS Word Documents
3. Prepare MS Excel Spreadsheets
4. Prepare MS Power Point Presentations
5. Prepare In-page documents
6. Manage emails/internet

Scope of Computer Information Technology:

Computer operators are employed in offices, factories, enterprises, hospitals, banks, airlines, shops, hotels, clubs, restaurants, institutes, colleges, universities, data houses, software houses, schools, homes, ICT outlets and in almost all fields of life. Self-employment by founding an enterprise in this field is possible as well. Some jobs for Computer Operators are part-time as well. Experienced Computer Operator may advance through promotions with the same employer or by moving to more advanced positions with other employers. They can pursue careers as:
• Computer Operator in any private business entity, public sector, hotel, offices, schools, banks, shops, library, hospitals etc.
• Computer Assistant
• Senior Computer Operator (Future Career)
•IT Manager (Future Career)

Experienced Computer Operators achieve a respected level of salaries and good prospects of employment both within and outside Pakistan. The employment outlook in this industry will be influenced by a wide variety of factors including:
• Rapidly changing technological trends
• emerging any new businesses
• Employment turnover (work opportunities generated by people leaving existing positions)
• Occupational growth (work opportunities resulting from the creation of new positions that never existed before)
• Size of the industry
• Flexibility of the applicant (concerning location and schedule of work)