Don Bosco Technical Centre Lahore has been engaged in transforming the lives of deserving youth from destitute communities since 2001 and we proud to share that more than …. students have been graduated from this prestigious institution so far. We are working devotedly in changing the lives of many more in years to come so that they can live in the society with integrity and can play their constructive role in the development of our beautiful country Pakistan.


Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center is proud to have Ilyas Mushtaq. He is working with us as a Technical Director and Principal of vocational training programs. Ilyas is serving well from 2012 to today, he has contributed a lot to make Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center prosperous and recognized by all private and public stakeholders. In 2001, when he came to Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center as a student, he was just 16 years old. He belonged to a poor family. His mother and father were working as a factory worker. His parish priest of Phool Nagar Late. Rev. Fr. Leo Paul referred him to Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center for training. Ilyas was one of the early graduates, those who graduated in the first batch in 2003. After his graduation, Late. Fr. Hans and Fr. Miguel Angel sponsored his studies. Ilyas did Diploma in associate engineering in 2010 and started his on-the-training in the market as an electrician. In 2010 he was appointed as a hostel warden in Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center. While knowing Ilyas’s capabilities and enthusiasm, Fr. Miguel Angel Ruiz, Rector of Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center appointed him as a Technical Director of Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center. He completed his B-Tech Honor’s degree in 2015. From 2013 to date, Ilyas has made Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center a rising star in Pakistan Now Ilyas is a married man. He has two kids. He is living happily with his family. They are four brothers and two sisters. His three brothers are also Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center ’S graduates. They all are employed in different companies and enjoying their lives. Ilyas has brought many students to Don Bosco for training and studies. Ilyas says that he is very thankful to Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center and especially the Salesian community, who made shape from ordinary to extraordinary person. Ilyas is also an active member of Don Bosco’s Alumni Association Lahore. He is also appointed as a secretary of the Association of Salesian Cooperator of Pakistan. Ilyas is a living example of Don Bosco’s charisma to change the lives of people through love and kindness. Ilyas says that Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center is a place where one can shape his life to avail maximum future opportunities. Ilyas has devoted himself to the youths to endorse Don Bosco’s mission in Pakistan.


In Pakistani culture, women usually don’t have equal rights as men. There are cultural barriers that don’t allow women to work like men. There are very limited professions where women can work openly. But now the trend is changing, our Government is supporting and providing equal opportunities to women to work like men to support their families as well as play their active role in country’s development. Safia Naz is a beautician by profession. Currently, she is running her beauty parlor at her own house. Safia told us that being a Muslim woman, it was not an easy task for her to start her business/beauty parlor. She has three children and her husband is a factory worker. She is supporting her family. Her husband is very happy with her and supports her.

When Safia came to Don Bosco Technical Centre, she did not know anything about the beautician’s profession. During her six months of training in our Centre, she did her best to gain all the required skills to become a beautician. In 2016, Rev. Fr. Noble Lal, current Rector of Don Bosco Technical Centre, awarded her best student of the year award. She told that after graduation she became passionate to start her beauty parlor as soon as possible. With the help of her husband, she started her own Beauty Parlor in 2017. Safia and her family are very grateful to Don Bosco Technical Centre and her instructors. Safia says that everyone can change their destiny by profession if one is passionate about it.


Don Bosco Technical Centre has helped many young needy people to build a good career and life. Nelson Suleman from Lahore, Pakistan is one of them who belonged to a poor family, he successfully graduated from our institute to make his dreams come true. He has three brothers and one sister. His father died when he was a young boy and his mother brought him up. Unfortunately, he could not continue his studies due to the financial constraints. Thus due to the socio-economic problems his family asked him to do some technical course to secure his future. He never thought that one day he will become a technician. He joined Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center Lahore. Late Fr. Peter Zago, SDB Rector of DBTC Lahore presented him the award of Valedictorian on the eve of graduation in 2014 upon his completion of course successfully.

After graduating from Don Bosco Technical Centre as an Electrician and Refrigeration & A.C technician, Don Bosco Technical Centre arranged his on-job training in a well reputed company named “Varioline Intercool Pvt Ltd” as a helper. After his on-job training, he joined Domino’s Pizza as an electrician. At present, he is working as a technical supervisor with Itafaq Hospital Trust which is one of the famous private hospitals in Lahore.

Besides his job, Nelson is also running a business together with his elder brother. Today, Nelson and his family are living a happy life and they believe that Salesian community and Don Bosco technical center Lahore played a very vital role in restoring their dignity. “His mother says that DBTC has made Nelson a special blessing for her family and this institution is really a place where one can shape up his / her future.