Welcome to Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center Youhanabad, Lahore.

Back in 1999 Don Bosco Technical & Youth Center Lahore was founded as a private technical institute. Practicing excellence in Technical education and formal education, learning and a close partnership with industry, its commitment and hard work earned a well reputed place in the aspects of technical and formal studies.

Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center is a world-famous setup and renowned for its great services for the youths to develop them through technical and formal education. Mission of this venerable institution has remained constant through its history; namely, to form good and honest citizens with preventive system of Saint John Bosco.
I’m glad you’ve come to visit our web site to explore the opportunities available for you at Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center, Lahore. Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center is primarily serving the poor youths and ignored communities of the country. Our focus is to entertain our youths with technical skills, formal education and at the same time to cultivate in them educational system of our Father St. John Bosco. The Salesians of St. John Bosco are running this School. We pride ourselves at Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center, on creating professional opportunities for our students and equipping them to become well respected citizens of the country. They are trained to different skills by competent staff. Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center has a friendly atmosphere and you feel at home from the moment you enter in its premises. The Salesian family‚Äôs spirit is very much alive in the Center. Applicants come from different parts of the country to learn technical skills for their prosperous future. DBTC graduates are successfully working in various fields of life and helping their families. Some are employed abroad like Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah and South Africa. Mostly they are serving local industries, companies, institutions and local business settings in their native areas.
Take pleasure in browsing through the website and imagine yourself in a great future at Don Bosco Technical and Youth Center Lahore.
Salesian In charge
Fr. Noble Lal, SDB